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Dear friends,


The annual rings are constantly changing and Vientiane is continuously updated. In a blink of an eye, Weiye Motor has solidly traveled for ten years. Over the years, all the colleagues of Weiye Motor Company have worked hard and cultivated intensively. From a small seedling, they grew into towering trees and merged into Linhai! Ten years of hard work, ten years of hard work, and in the ten years of hard work, we have achieved fruitful results. Over the years, we have kept up with the pace of the times, and we have been steadfast in our efforts. The hard work of a generation of great men, the hard work of a generation of great people, in the ten years, the company has developed rapidly and the business is booming. The development of the company depends on the full support and trust of people from all walks of life. It depends on the serious work of the employees of the company and actively explores!

   After years of hard work, Weiye Motor will enter a new era of rapid development. In the next ten years, based on the existing achievements, we will seize the opportunity of the development of the Yangtze River Delta Free Trade Zone, increase investment in personnel, design, R&D and equipment, and form a high-tech enterprise in which “science and technology are the only productive forces”.

Talent development is the key to business development. Entrepreneurs need a strategic vision, and they need a think tank team and an executive team. Therefore, we sincerely hope that a skilled, ambitious and insightful person will join Weiye Motor, and we will provide you with a platform for you to display your talents. Let go of your ideals and achieve your ambitions! The company sets the position, the position of the staff, the performance of the treatment, the merits and demerits, the management and customization. The company provides a platform for employees with both ability and ability to fully display their talents, and establishes a mechanism for the joint development of employees and enterprises, so that the progress of employees and the development of the company can be fully reflected and achieve a win-win situation.

Spring ploughing a grain of millet, harvesting 10,000 yuan in the autumn. We use sweat and blood to water the ideal trees in our hearts, to cultivate trees and forests, to make the trees of ideals merge into successful forests, to embark on every peak in life, full of vitality and value, to repay the society, and to continuously acquire The superb scenery is beautiful!

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