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Sincerely thank you for purchasing Weiye Motor Products, as our users, you will get the following services:

1. In the warranty period, due to the hardware obstacles caused by the product itself, please contact Weiye or the dealer, you will get satisfactory after-sales service. Please do not disassemble the machine for repair.

2. For products that exceed the warranty period, you can sign a renewal contract with us. For details, please contact Weiye.

3. If you have special service requirements, please consult or sign up with Weiye.


Service statement:

1. Motor inter-turn and phase-to-phase short-circuit are quality problems, but the short-circuit problem caused by motor insulation damage caused by overload operation is not a manufacturing quality problem.

2. The rubbing of the motor is a quality problem, but the rubbing caused by the bearing damage caused by the installation of different hearts or overload operation is not a manufacturing quality problem.

3. Motor breakage or motor failure or component damage caused by unreasonable installation and use is not a manufacturing quality problem.

The above is not a manufacturing quality problem, our company can provide paid services according to user requirements. If the user judges the quality of our products, please contact our after-sales service department. Our company will give the most timely time in the shortest time. Service.

If you have other requirements or questions, please call the after-sales service hotline: 400-0908-979

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